Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013


Ward Christmas party

me and hermana pelaez

dorky pics with Mexican Santa

hermano benjamin, a recent convert. he is the funniest guy ever

another member i cant remember her name right now though lol

Tis the season! And boy what a season! I love sharing the story of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. We have been reading the story of His birth and what the angel says to the shepherds. "I bring you glad tidings of great joy!"   And what glad tidings of great joy it is to know that our Savior lives! It brings so much happiness to my soul and I love to see the happiness it brings others and that is why I am out here on a mission. To bring that happiness.

Last night I had some personal revelation. It was 6pm and our appointment had fallen through and so we decided to knock doors. I'll be honest and say that the last couple of days I've been discouraged. We'd knocked doors all yesterday and we had no success, every door that we knocked we were turned away and laughed at and had been told that what we believed wasn't true. And I was mad because I knew it was true and I knew that if they would just open their hearts and listen they would know as well. We are not just two people trying to get you to come to church. We are here for your salvation!! So as we knocked doors I got negative and I prayed to Heavenly Father and said what am I doing here if I can't even teach what I know, if no one will let us in or even take a minute to listen to us? And He always gives me an answer that I need to have faith that everything is going to be okay and I'm doing my part and then I have to think okay ya you're right. So last night I went into these apartments with a brave face and we knocked a couple doors and still we got nothing. The door we knocked on had a picture of Jesus Christ on it and a man answered the door and we asked if he would like to hear a message about Christmas and Jesus Christ and he said he would!                  
We had one of the most spiritual lessons about the Restoration of the church and he just got it! He understood everything that we talked about and at the end we asked him if he would pray to know if these things were true and he said that he already knew that they were true but he would pray about it anyway! He said that he was praying for some guidance and then we showed up! He knew it was a sign from God to keep going and to keep the faith. We asked him to be baptized and he said yes!
The tender mercies of our Savior never cease to amaze me.

On an ending note, we had our ward party on Saturday and it was a blast! Talk about a Mexican Feliz Navidad! And I've got pictures to prove it! I love my ward.
                                          Love you all!              

Have a Merry Christmas! 
-Hermana Ficklin

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