Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hola! Buenos Dias!
Okay, entonces estoy emocionada escribir ustedes hoy! esta semana fue muy muy muy bueno! mi espanol es definitivamente mejor (es no perfecto...)  pero estoy aprendiendo mucho sobre vida y la importancia de cambiar!
Hello and good morning!
okay, so i am really excited to write to you all today! this week was very very very good! my spanish is definitely better (it's not perfect...) but I am learning a lot about life and the importance of change!
So the highlights of this week... hmmm. it's still pretty cold. I wear three pairs of leggings and three pairs of socks. (: It's working out quite nicely....
Oh! so i made "gold plates" to explain the Book of Mormon better. they are pocket size and pretty cool. I bought some yellow foam board at the dollar store and cut a bunch of pictures out from the ensign and pasted them on the sheets so that when we explain where we got the plates and what the Book of Mormon is all about we've got a fun visual that I think is going to cause baptisms. It's pretty legit. I haven't had the chance to use them yet though so we haven't seen any success. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh speaking of "knowing how it goes!", the investigator who we asked to be a member for 30 days came to church! yes! she came to church! We thought that she wasn't going to come actually because we called her all morning and she didn't answer any of our calls, but then out of the blue she showed up and you probably should have seen my face, I was so happy! haha it was the best! So so far operation "member for 30 days" is effective. I'll keep you updated.
So me and Hermana Pelaez had a discussion about how it's weird to think about what life was like before our missions and how it's weird to think that we wore pants. Haha I think just about every missionary has this discussion at least once on their mission.
haha oh I think I forgot to tell you last week that we tried to ride our bikes after a huge snow storm. we got about a foot of snow. Hermana Pelaez came up with the idea and she was so excited to get out and try to ride our bikes that I couldn't say that we couldn't try it haha we didn't get very far, just to the end of our apartments, but it was fun while it lasted.
Anyway, the work is going really really good here in Bloomington and we hope for a lot of upcoming baptisms! I'll keep ya posted! 
Love you all! 
Love Hermana Ficklin


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