Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014 Austin, Minnesota -- The Spam Factory

We took a tour of the Spam Factory. This is my perfect SPAM family (:

 maids night out!
 cell phones these days...


 doing a little work at the SPAM factory

the hermitage next to the queen of angels catholic church

a pet rooster named chicken

the maya! flatening a bag full of bubble wrap- helping megan (in the middle) move into her new apartment!

tacos de tripa (tripe) and tacos de cabesa (head)

So I've had a lot going on this week. From all spectrums of the emotional scale there's been some great experiences I want to briefly share. 
On the very happy side of the scale, I finally got to go visit the SPAM factory! What a great sense of humor they have (: It was fun to see and experience all of the great history and culture of Hormel and the town of Austin. Hermana Maravilla and I had a swell time.

And! speaking of farm animals, we had a dinner date with one of our members, the Petersons! Sister Peterson is Filipino and her mother was there visiting and she brought along her pet rooster, fittingly named chicken, which happily clucked around the kitchen floor as we ate our spaghetti and meatballs. 

This week we had our zone conference which President Clements talked about the family. it was amazing. And surprising as he spoke to us about spiritually preparing for our own future families right now, while we are on our missions.
President and Sister Clements gave a very heart felt lecture on their own experiences as parents and told of their struggles of financial instability as a newly wed couple, their house burning down, and dealing with their children's health problems involving heart and brain surgery. But then went on to show us a slide show of the many good and memorable experiences they had with their children in traveling the world and spending time together. That's what I want, a family that loves and cherishes each other. That is what our Heavenly Father wants as well, and He has set up a plan to carry that out and make it possible. 

I know that no family is perfect and I expect I'll have many trials as well being a parent and I'll probably get to see my kids go through many struggles as well. But knowing that I can prepare for them now through the teachings of our perfect Father in Heaven through the gospel of Jesus Christ, I can secure eternal blessings for my family that is to come. There is a constant attack on families and I expect it will not get much better in the future. You have to plan and spiritually create goals and make a conscious effort to carry out your goals. That is why we have to be proactive parents as President Clements explained to us that you cannot be a passive parent, only proactive parents will raise righteous children. 
We had some great lessons with our investigators this week and I've learned some valuable lessons as well. two of our investigators decided they didn't want to learn anymore this week. that is more heart wrenching than I thought it would be to hear because we've come to grow so close to them and their family and we truly want the best for them. But I know that the Lord has his timing for everything and I know he will bless them immensely. I have come to see the growth of those we are teaching right now though and it is the best feeling ever! I love seeing the bright look on someones face when they learn a truth and it just clicks for them and they get so excited! it's like a relief that comes over them when they finally get their questions answered.  

My grandma also died this week and its been sad to be so far away from family but also it's cool to see how much of a blessing it is in our lives. I wrote to my cousin about it and I want to share a little with you what I shared with him:

 You know what I realized about death, it brings us closer as a family, you come to see how precious time is, and how precious your family is, and when there is death of a loved one, the family becomes strengthened in each other, mending old wounds and finding new support and understanding in one another. I think it opens our minds and awakens us to the happiness we have been missing out on as a family, and now we don't have to wait any longer! We can change, we can grow, we can love deeply while we still live! And have deep and eternally lasting relationships that start here on Earth and carry on into the next.  there is new life that comes from death.
I hope you all have a great week this week! 

Love you all! Love Hermana Ficklin

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