Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 Transfered back to Austin - with Sister Pierce (my companion in the MTC)!

Sister Taito!!!

us goofing off at a surplus store
ww 2 veteran

us and sister abrahamsen- a member (our grandma) she let us do our laundry at her house on pdays and we always watched general conference dvds and chruch videos at her house

me and kamilla -soon to be baptized!

us and the larsens- awesome members of the shingle creek ward

us and mama barway she gave me the african skirt and purse

us and brad collins- our new age christain investigator who invited us to all of the different christian churches

sister kaisambah

us and the ramseys- our favorite shingle creek members

me in front of the infamous willows apartments

me in african makeup... i think it looks better on africans haha

me fifi and isha, jamaal and their friends

me and george, our quirky upstairs neighbor in shingle creek

Transfer results: (A week later)
             I am now back in SPAM town, Austin Minnesota!!! With my MTC companion, Sister Pierce!!! who would have thought!  I really am super excited to be back here though!  It's been fun seeing all of the members again and their expression when they see I'm back. I've never had so many double takes in my life! haha. Apparently no one ever comes back to Austin once they leave. But, if they knew my track record of being a missionary, this wouldn't be a surprise to them because I tend to be the odd duck when it comes to where I go. It keeps me on my toes that's for sure, I never know what is going to happen next! 

As for now I've been settling back into place just fine and the work here is exciting! This area is now a zebra area, which is missionary lingo for doing english and spanish work which I absolutely love. There are a lot of Africans and Micronesians here along with our Hispanic friends which adds to the adventure of teaching. One thing I've learned to love here is culture. You learn a lot and come to appreciate all human life. We truly are all brothers and sisters.
We are working now on what is called NACI (the North American central initiative) which works with getting the ward more involved in missionary work with those who are "in the ward, but not of the ward" and we are super excited to see where this goes. There's a lot of work that is going to be done the next little while, but we can't wait for it! Missionaries love work and when we've got a project like this, it's like Christmas every day! 
Well this ones going to be short and sweet, but there will be more to come next week! 
Love you all! Keep praying for missionary opportunities!
Love Hermana Ficklin

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