Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013 On the way to, and at the Mexico City MTC

first day here and the bus ride through mexico. and pictures of the plane in utah,arizona, and finally over mexico city (:

 this is the CCM, it is so pretty here! we have an elder missonaries who came from the MTC and they said that we are so lucky to be here because its so nice (keep that low key, we dont want the other missionaries to be jealous!haha)  i really do love it here it is so amazing! and my district is so awesome, i love them all already, and my companion hermana peirce is so amazing to! shes helping me alot with my spanish. the green circle is and earthquake spot, so if the alarm goes off we run to these green circles. the alarm has gone off twice and we havent had an earthquake yet haha our casa is super nice to, they are just like apartments, and me and my companion have our own bathroom. its definately nice

 the mexico temple, this temple is so pretty, its got all these aztec designs on it and the grounds are so gorgeous, they are just covered in palm trees and flowers and a really pretty fountain. this is my zone! the hermana on my right is my teacher, hermana valdez, i love her! this is my companion hermana pierce

our trip to the temple! this is mexico city, the driving is crazy here! haha and people would just walk up and down the streets selling stuff. one was selling little stuffed minions and then there were two guys washing cars while you were stopped haha mexico is so cool!


  1. She is a true blue Bodily. Wow lots of photos. I hope my two can send just as many TOGETHER and I will be happy as a bug!!!!

  2. : )

    I loved Erin and Brooke's letters! So precious, aren't they?!