Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 2 at the CCM in Mexico

This is my address for the next few weeks. (I'm not sure if it will get forwarded, so after September 10th, send it to my Minnesota address on the right sidebar.) 

Hermana Kaylani Jo Ficklin
Minneapolis Minnesota Mission
Mexico Missionary Training Center
Carretera Tenayuca Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

So this experience here has been so amazing! its a whole new life here but its been so cool to see how much ive learned in these last two weeks. the first week was just trying to adjust to the schedule and to trying to understand what everyone was saying and having such a full schedule all the time. this last week has been a very trying one but ive never learned so much about myself and about how much heavenly father loves me and how important it is to have faith. ive learned how to humble myself and to forget about my own problems and how to love everyone else here. ive learned that faith is soooooo important ive learned so much on how to just trust the lord that hes going to take care of everything else when ive done all i can do. ive learned how the spirit works in me and through me to influence others to come to christ. ive learned to love the book of mormon and how much power it has within those pages. my testimony has grown so much within these last two weeks that i cant deny that this gospel is true and that heavenly father truely does love us and that we have so much within us all to share. ive learned that everyone has a reason to be here, that we all have a unique purpose in bringing people to christ. i love it so much! it has been the best, hardest, trying, and spiritual thing ive ever done, but i would do it every day for the rest of my  life because of the amazing changes and blessings its given me. love you all! until next week, love hermana Ficklin


- What are your favorite things about being there? 
hmmm favorite things... basically everything really haha the weather is perfect pretty much all the time here and we have really cool rainstorms haha the other day  me and hermana pierce forgot our umbrellas and it started pouring really really hard after lunch and we decided just to run to our casa haha well we just booked it and the shoes that i wore fell off when i was running and i was on the grass so my socks got soaked from it haha but we were laughing so hard because of how wet we got haha but its been so much fun. I would be lying if i didnt say that it has been hard just being so mentally exhausted here just from learning the language and having such a filled schedule, but i like it being that way, i like that its hard and it tests my faith everyday because of how awesome i feel everynight and how much i know that im growing, everyone here is awesome and my teachers are just amazing! 

- What's it like in Mexico City? (How is the air quality, etc?)
mexico city is beautiful! they do like their fireworks though haha we hear them all day everyday and when they have siestas and what not they are all day events and you can hear the music until like five in the morning. its definatley a city you hear everything outside the walls but its such a different world inside the ccm. the other night we got out of a devotional and there was this cool lighting that was just up in the clouds and we just sat and watched it for a while. we joked and said that heavenly father and jesus were probably just taking selfies haha

- What advice would you give to future missionaries coming to the Mexico MTC or preparing for  their mission?
umm just prepare to not know what youre doing here for the first little while haha no one really tells you what to do and you just kinda have to figure it out on your own, which it isnt that hard to do but no one is here to tell you where to go. like we didnt know for the longest time that we had to do personal study in our classes and we were just doing it in our room. but really thats just about it. just tell her to be prepared for alot of awesome faith tests haha but let her know that it all depends on your attitude here and the willingness to be humbled. ive learned so much about myself here that i wouldnt have learned in anyother situation and its making me a better person. (: oh and tell her to read her scriptures! oh and get a spanish hymn book and an english hymn book (just the little ones)


that elder is elder whitting, hes our district leader, he stole my camera and i thought it was funny so im sending it to you haha

here is pictures of the inside of my casa, its super nice. and some pictures of me and some pictures of our view around here!

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