Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013 -- Last week in the CCM

bored on the bus on our way to the temple, thats elder jolley behind me
laundry day with herm. pierce
this is a common looking taco stand you see here in mexico, there are firework shops and taco stands just about everywhere here.

heyyyyyy!!!! so this is my last week at the CCM in Mexico! its been very bitter sweet this week, im getting very sentimental and i keep thinking this is probably the last time ill eat ice cream in Mexico, or im gonna miss these cement squares that drive me crazy because they are spaced out weird and you cant walk on them at a normal pace (you´d understand if you were here), or that im going to miss these randomly huge torrential down pours that turn our road into the grand riviera.

really most of all im going to miss my teachers and the people ive come so close to here, especially my district and our roommates :(.

but its all so awesome knowing that my time is only beginning and the people im going to get to know and the experiences im going to have are only going to get better!!! which is so awesome. ive got 17 more months of the hardest, coolest, best thing ive ever done in my life so far! i wish they would let you go on a mission after your mission! maybe that will be the next big announcement in the next general conference...

okay so there are a couple big things that happened this week, haha one of them was a language mishap haha. so. me and herm. peirce were having gym time, bicycling our little hearts away and getting ourselves prepared for the field when we really have to bike and we had a couple natives in the room with us and there was a companionship right next to us that we were talking to in spanish about what our favorite food was here at the CCM. i tried to explain what an oreo was because theres this amazing lemon pudding thing with oreos in it that i love but i dont know what pudding is in spanish, nor do i know how to explain what an oreo is in spanish either haha all i could say was its black and circular haha anyways we just let that one go haha but she was telling us that she really liked the fruit here and i said tambien! which means me to! and then i tried to ask her if she liked the yellow fruit, but instead of saying amorillo, which is yellow, i said amoroso, which is loving haha so i asked her if she liked the loving fruit here. the natives thought it was pretty funny.

okay but i got something better than that for you today... so we have an elder that played on a rugby team before coming here so our elders in our district have gone and played rugby for the last couple of gym times. well, they were playing rugby and one of our elders in our district got his tooth knocked out!!! i guess he just got to close to someone and got elbowed in the mouth. haha it was terrible. but he got to go to the dentists in Mexico and got it fixed haha but man what a story for him when he gets home to tell.

and one last big thing that happened yesterday. so remember how i told you that we have had two big hurricanes that we are getting the side effects of? well this whole week has been pretty nice compared to last week. there have been random downpours but it hasnt been that bad. well yesterday it rained the entire ocean on the CCM in 30 minutes. it was crazy!!! i have pictures to prove it! 
and ya! our street turned into a river yesterday! to bad we didnt have a tube to float down in it! 

 the day of the the grand riviera right outside our front door, we even got a new swimming pool! 

it was so much fun! talk about a puddle jumpers dream. its cool though because the ground here is like a sponge and it disappears and quickly as it comes and everything is back to normal.

ah man i love it here, i love the weather, the people, the experiences, and the feeling of the spirit. ill miss it, but i cant wait to get to minnesotaaaaa!!!!

until next time,

love hermana ficklin

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