Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

Well, last day here in the CCM! It’s crazy how fast it feels like it’s gone by! I’m so excited to get out to the field! It’s been a very spiritual and emotional week this week.

We had in field orientation that lasted all day, it got me really excited about just getting out there! haha so we had a translator for it so that we could understand all that they were saying in Spanish and the translator was way funny haha when he would translate he would say ¨is the beesssttt¨ (nacho libre style) or funny things like that haha and every time we would raise our hands to answer a question, he would say one point for the grings´ haha made my day.

Oh! I found out I ate cow tongue here one day, at least that’s what an hermana told me...so hey, I’m gonna say that we totally did and I’m so happy about that! 

On Sunday it was St. Jude’s Day I believe and in Mexico, of course, there were fireworks, so we had our district meeting outside and we watched the fireworks while we talked about our night.

It will be one of those nights that I will always remember because it was the last night as a district together, and we know that we aren’t going to see each other for the next two years, and so it was a very sad, happy, spiritual feeling. when you spend basically all day with these elders and hermanas they become your family and your best friends, and here, you grow so much together, even in just 6 weeks we´ve gone through a lot of change, and it´s all been such a good change. We’ve all seen in each other what God can do for us in our lives and I know that the experiences we´ve had here we will never forget, and I know that we will be forever changed because of it. Its going to be so cool to see them all when I get back. I can’t wait for that.

Last night I had the coolest experience I’ve ever had. We asked the Elders if they would give us blessings before they all left. This was the first time any of them had given a blessing and so they were all nervous. But i tell you that it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. I couldn’t stop crying because of the spirit that was there. I asked Elder Jolley to give my blessing and I don’t really know how to describe it other than it was the happiest feeling of love from God that I’ve ever felt and i know now why these Elders and Hermanas are here, even at the age of 18, they have that love of God, and they are going to do miracles, and they are going to change lives for the better!

I’ve thought a lot about  how happy it is going to be knowing that when we die, or even just now, its not the end of seeing those we love, in fact its the opposite, we´ll see everyone again, and we get to be with our families and friends for eternity with God and Jesus Christ. How awesome is that to know! I love this work!

Mosiah 5:15
Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of Him who created you, who created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen.

Next stop, Minnesota!

(Kaylani flies out to Minneapolis, Minnesota tomorrow morning.)


these are our roommates hermana whitmore and hermana bennet

 and a huge moth that we found in our classroom. i wish we would have gotten a picture of the moth on our window of our casa it was big and black and probably three times as big

the map of where we are in mexico city! where im pointing is the ccm

a really cool mural they have in one of the buildings

chokis and emperador cookies. they got me through the last six weeks

pretty clouds here (mom i thought of you when i took this picture)

 our whole district! and no we did not mean to do that on purpose haha

you spanish speakers will get my owl (: i thought it was pretty clever (quien means who in spanish)

us hermanas being funny the last day together

fireworks for st judes day

this is a typical morning in mexico

our district again with our zone leaders

 so this is hermana dodson, hermana livingston, me, hermana pierce, and hermano hardy our teacher
and this is me and hermana valdez, love her!

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