Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

About the photos: the temple again, and the dome building is the virgin of the guadalupe basillica i think is what its called. its a pilgrimige part and these are the cafeteria decorations for the 16th

(See Kaylani's letter after the photos - and some new tidbits about the food.)    : )

Hey everyone! okay so here's the low-down on the last week or so!  haha its been a lot of fun here! Im finally starting to get over that hill of the language being difficult, its now starting to get easier and easier to learn, and i understand people better everyday, which is nice!

this week has been full of alot of funny things so ill share them with you (: so my comp hermana peirce doesnt like animals that much and she was telling me how she hates birds (because they are all over here) and that she hopes that she never gets pooped on by one... haha well the next morning she got pooped on by a bird. haha she was not happy about that.

and last week one of the elders asked if he could borrow my scissors for a second to cut something and i said yes and gave them to him and then he gave them back and i put them in my bag. when i got home that night i wanted to cut out some of my pictures and i couldnt get my scissors to open, so me and hermana peirce are using all our strength to try and open these darn scissors and we cant figure out why they wont open! haha and then i realized that they were super glued shut haha. elder horne had used my scissors to cut off the top of his super glue and it had got on my scissors and glued them shut haha.

 oh man, okay and this is fun, so it rains ALOT here, usually every day around 5 o clock until 8 or 9 and our shoes just get soaked from it and we have to spend the rest of the night in soggy shoes and socks (that feeling isnt my favorite)! the other day there was probably an inch of rain that we had to walk through. so we got smart and just took our shoes off and we just walk barefoot around outside to save our shoes, which we should have thought of a long time ago haha but i like it!

oookayy so the food here is getting better and better (ive even heard that the food here is better than the provo mtc) i think that they are trying to americanize the food here, they had whopper candy in the salad the other day haha and we had mac and cheese spaghetti and we have pizza every tuesday night. i really like the food here alot! they have this yummy yellow fruit that tastes like a pear and a mango and then the seeds in the middle taste like banana. we´ve been having some good mexican treats this week because the 16th is Mexico’s independence day  (found out they dont celebrate cinco de mayo here) and we’re gonna have a Mexico night this week which im excited to see what thats about!

ummm oh! me and hermana peirce have been doing alot of tennis and ping pong lately so im getting better at those, and our district is always playing volley ball, so my serve is getting pretty good!

haha okay so we sing alot here, which i love, but we sing alot haha, um so me and my comp and our other district hermana companionship thought it would be funny to start a rap hymn group and we thought it was funny to think about how president pratt would take that if we told him that we had a number for sacrament and got up there and started rapping hahaha! we have alot of fun here but there are so many awesome spiritual and learning moments here that i cant get enough of.

Each and every day im here there is a new trial for me and i never know what to expect day by day. im just learning how to better myself in every aspect really and its so cool to see day by day my progression whether it be with the language, the gospel, my testimony, my relationship with God, and even just learning my own weaknesses and how the experiences here are showing me how to strengthen them. ive been learning that what God wants you to teach your investigators, he wants to you learn as well.

Elder Holland is my favorite speaker, we´ve heard two of his devotionals here and he is a compelling speaker and every time you just walk out thinking wow, i am going to do my best to be the best missionary in the world! and your just so pumped and filled with the spirit, and a little intimidated by him haha but one day, im going to be able to speak like him.

being here has given me such motivation to do so much more with myself. im learning to be able to put my complete faith and trust in God which has been so cool!

Hermano Hardy has been teaching us that we can ask specific prayers, like very specific prayers, and Ive been praying ALOT here and ive asked for some very specific prayers and ive seen some miracles happen here that has made my faith in God increase so much. Ive learned how truely important prayer is and how we can use it effectively and if there is one thing i would tell you, is to pray haha prayer is so powerful and i love it!

theres been so much ive learned here already and i wish i could write about all of them but im out of time :( but just know that God knows who you are personally and he is ready and willing to bless you if you give him your all. okay until next time!

love you all!

love hermana ficklin

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