Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 Tranfers came and I get to stay in Austin, Minnesota with Hermana Maravilla!

I need to stop making my blog last because then I'm in a rush to write it! haha okay first off I am super happy. (: 

It's raining outside right now and the thunder here is awesome to (: Hermana Maravilla and I always take walks out by the river and we try to catch the frogs when we can hear them, which is an adventure. I still haven't caught one yet. they are sneaky little buggers.
We have been having a lot of success with everyone down here and I think the thing I have learned most about this week is how I just keep growing in the love to serve others. We've done everything from caulking wood floors, to carrying bricks, cleaning up yards and finding baby bunnies, and helping organize peoples houses. I love it. I've never had closer relationships with people. 

This might sound dumb but I've realized that you can't understand the joy that living the gospel has for you until you live it and you do it. It makes sense right, that you won't know the truthfulness of something until you apply it.  And yet we don't a lot of the times. 

If I could give any advice... it would be to just do it. I was telling Leilla that I had just read in the Book of Mormon about how Nephi is compiling the words Jesus had spoke and Jesus forbade him to write down everything he had said, and when Nephi asks why, Jesus says that He will try the faith of His people. Then He goes on to say that only after the trial of our faith will we then get to enjoy the miracles and the blessings that come from it.

The things in life are appreciated as much as the effort that is given to obtain it. 
That is why Heavenly Father makes us do hard things. That is why we have bad things happen in our lives. That is why we have trials.

Because in them is where we find our true values and true worth, and we cherish what we have.

I like to call it elevated living. 
We first have to find our trust in the Lord that He knows what He's talking about and then let Him teach you how walking on water isn't so hard after all.
So have faith! Try for yourselves the things the gospel teaches, because in them is where true happiness lies (: and you will see for yourself that after the trial of your faith you will see the blessings they hold.
For example: if you want deep, lasting, true relationships... do service. 
When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.
Love you all!

Hermana Ficklin

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