Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 Austin, Minnesota

 Gotta love Minnesota!

What a week! 

So it has finally started to warm up! It's not to hot and it's not to cold, all you need is a light jacket! And it's started to rain instead of snow and the rain makes everything smell good! There are a lot of trees here so it smells like a forest! (It's a much better smell than the spam factory)  Hopefully the trees will start to bud soon and we will get to see the green again! Yay for spring! 

haha so the other day we were making grape koolaid for lunch and I grabbed a packet and sang out "I got the powder!" but to the song that goes like "I got the power! dun. dun. duh nuh dun. dun." they play it at basketball games and stuff haha but its great we say funny things like that all the time haha okay so we were at the grocery store buying our food for the week and I asked Hermana Maravilla if she liked cucumbers and she said something along the lines of eh, ya. and then i said something like well do you like them really? and she said "I've had bad experieces with cucumbers."  hahaha what an odd statement! haha so naturally I had to hear the story behind it which was simply that she had grown cucumbers before in Mexico and apparently she has had some pretty gross cucumbers. haha but sometimes we laugh to much and we can't get anything done. Well, that's not true, we get a lot of things done. We just laugh a lot. Because we have the same sense of humor. (:
But speaking of hard work! The Lord is truly blessing us here! Through project Ammon we have seen what service can do to the hearts of man! Truly I've gained a testimony and a deep love of serving others. It's truly a two way street of immense blessings. This is a way of true love and friendship and I can see that through serving others you can exemplify the Christlike attributes in yourself that you maybe wouldn't be able to show otherwise.
And it is simple service, offering the talents that we have and doing what we can, such as picking up sticks off of peoples yards or offering English classes to those who want to learn. We can see an instant change in the faces of those we meet from defensive, uninterested looks when they see our name tags bearing the name of Jesus Christ, to surprise  when they hear our kind words of asking if there is anything we can do for them, to a softened face of gratitude and friendliness.
What is sad and humbling to hear them say is that you don't really get people who just want to help anymore, and sometimes they even question our motives, they ask us  if it costs anything, and I want to say, no you dummy! we are doing this because we love you! there is not a price you can pay in dollar bills for the true service of helping one another. haha but we don't say that. we just say all we want is a smile! cheesy, yes. But truly sincere.
Really, just helping someone is reward enough, and I can't describe to you how great that feels unless you yourself have come to find the truth in serving others and then you start to understand the characteristic of Christ and that feeling is so cool to know that you are indeed becoming more like Christ and you learn to absolutely love to serve simply just to serve! 
From project Ammon we've found some amazing families that are prepared and ready to hear and accept the gospel. One of our investigators, Gerardo, we found Ammon tracting and he contacted us and asked if he could learn more about our church, we taught him once so far and he attended a session of General Conference with us and loved it and he has accepted the baptismal invitation! And then we had another couple and her friend, Carolina and Marco Antonio, and Esther who we are going to start having  English classes with, we have started teaching them about the gospel and today we are going to have family night with them!  Carolina has accepted baptism as well. 
We know what we teach is the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ. In everything that we do, spoken or unspoken, we can exude these characteristics of truth unto the influencing of others for good. Unto the everlasting change of pure and unending joy! To bring them back to the fold of Christ and His teachings, because in them is where we find ourselves.
I've just finished reading 4 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and I invite you to read it and see the joy that following the commandments brings into our lives and the lives of others. What if the world was like that today? That is a happy thought!
Serve others, love your neighbors!
well until next time, love you all! 
Love, Hermana Ficklin
hey mom! if you could attach the talk of Thomas S. Monson about loving one another, that would be great! love you

Here it is: 

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