Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Austin, Minnesota

Sorry! I only have a short time to write this time...again! 

But!  I'll let you know about the highlights!

We have been doing great here in the town of Austin, we've gotten to know most of the ward and they are all super super great! They are so supportive in missionary work and it is amazing to see the miracles that are happening here in Austin because of them! 

We had the Womens Conference at the church on saturday and we had a chocolate fondue get together before and we got to talk with a lot of the members there as well. I tell ya these people are characters. haha I love it.
So we as a mission have been reading a lot about the Atonement in preparation for Easter and I have learned so much about the Atonement that I had never thought about before. I recommend this to all in preparation for Easter to start reading and researching more the talks of the Prophet and General Authorities about the Atonement. It is truly amazing.

Other than that the missionary work in Austin is on it's way and we have been finding creative ways to help the people here accept the gospel and right now we are trying out "project Ammon" where we are trying to be like Ammon in serving the Hispanic people so that they will gain the trust of missionaries. So far it has been a success! We had one person we contacted call us and ask us when our church services were and that he wants to come next sunday! I'll keep you updated on the details! 
Love you all! 

Love Hermana Ficklin

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