Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hace Frio!
         Feliz Marzo! Happy March! I can't believe that yet another month has gone by in the mission field! It's going by to fast! aahhhh!! welp. I've still got a year left, so I don't have to worry to much yet (:

Some news for you this week that I forgot to tell you last week is that our Mission President, President Clements, called us and told us that he had to leave for three weeks to deal with a work emergency, and that President Ehlert would be presiding as Mission President until he returns. So from now until the next transfer we've got President Ehlert. We love both of them though! So that's been new this week and we've had a zone conference with him and he's given us a lot of revelation on being better missionaries! 

The zone leaders also got ipads! which hopefully means that we are in transition to get ipads as well. I really hope so, they would be a huge help! We also got steppers! I'm not quite sure what you call them but they count the number of steps you take...steppers right? haha I dont know but we were given them at zone conference and they are pretty high tech. President Ehlert talked about how exercising and moving is a natural way of dealing with stress and anxiety and depression. The more you move, the happier you are! Our goal is to get in 10,000 steps a day. I've come to realize how much I actually don't move! My highest so far is 6,731 steps. It's a work in progress.(:
So this week has been a cold one! ay yayay. it dropped down to -14 the other day and its been in the below 0 range the rest of the days.  Brrr. Haha okay so our apartments that we live in are really close to the mission office and so we stop by every once in a while to get supplies and we get the chance to see the Mission President and all of the office Sisters which we love (: every week or so. Haha so we stopped by today and President Ehlert was in his office with his assistants and we said hi to them and President Ehlert said jokingly to us that they were just discussing this week whether or not they should send down hell fire to Minnesota to warm it up because its been so cold! hahaha we had a good laugh at that. It's seriously been so cold though. It's supposed to warm up next week for good though! I sure hope they're right! 
We had exchanges this week as well and I got to be companions with Hermana Peterson again for a day! it was a lot of fun and it's always exciting to introduce your investigators to them because you talk about them so much, they are like your family! You become like the crazy cat lady who, when you come over to her house she pulls out her album full of nothing but photos of all of the cats she's ever owned in her life. I have yet to meet a crazy cat lady actually... I think that would be kind of fun. I like cats. But anyway we had fun and we got to teach some of my favorite investigators that day, which is great!  mi familia!
We've found a lot of prepared people this week that I'm really excited about and I really pray that they are going to progress in the gospel (: It really is so cool to see people change and to see that they can see a difference in their lives when they start to follow the gospel and how much happier it makes them. We heard just the other day that one of the people that we found knocking doors about a month ago that the english sisters are teaching, is going to church and she says that she feels really happy when they come over and she wants that more in her life. I think everyone searches for happiness and when we finally find that in life, that's got to be the greatest feeling ever. I've seen it time and time again here on the mission and I know that what this gospel brings is true happiness. Eternal Joy! 
That's what life is all about, to have joy! We just gotta know where to find it! And that true joy is in the gospel of Jesus Christ!  
Well, until next week!!  enjoy the warm weather in Utah!  
Love you all! 

Love Hermana Ficklin

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