Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

YES! SPRING TIME IS ON ITS WAY! It is finally starting to warm up here in the wonderful state of Minnesota in the wonderful town of Bloomington! I really hope that soon this city lives up to it's name and we start to see flowers popping up! first we have to get rid of all the snow though :P and there's a lot haha, it's all starting to melt right now so a lot of the roads are just covered in water. Minnesotas pretty serious about puddles... and potholes the size of Texas. It's like you are pretty much off roading (: it's fun. 
So that's the big update for this week other than next week is transfers again! I'll let you know what happens on monday! I'm guessing that either I'm going to stay here and get a new companion, or that I'm going to go somewhere else totally new. I'm excited to see what happens! It's always a mystery until monday! 
Oh! anndd I left my planner at a members house last week and she lives far away so I've been without my planner for about a week now and a missionary planner is the equivalent of your cell phone times eternity haha so I've made a temporary planner until we go back to visit her, but I've realized how much I rely on that little guy. But! I'm going to get it back tonight so that's good (:
This week we've been teaching a lot about Faith. and we've been using an egg to explain it! It's been really fun seeing peoples reactions when we ask them if they have an egg we could use and then seeing their reaction again when we try to break it haha. So I don't remember where I learned this trick that if you press the egg with all of your strength, pressing on the top and the bottom of the egg, it won't break.

--im going to write the rest of my blog in a little bit! we have an elder leaving this transfer and we are having a party at a members house for him in this moment so ill be back later to write the rest! love you!—

so what we did was we talked about faith and read from Alma 32 about how faith is not to have a perfect knowledge. Faith is not something that we see to believe, or that wouldn't be faith! So we talked about that and we read from the definition in the Spanish Book of Mormon about faith. They don't have the same definitions in the English Book of Mormon! But then we said "okay, we are going to test your faith! (translation in english) Do you have the faith that if I use all of the strength in my hand on this egg, that it won't break?" and they all say, "no it's going to break!" and then we say, "well, we know that if we have faith in Jesus Christ, we know that he is going to show us the way that all things are possible!" and then you demonstrate that you can't break the egg this way and all of them have a freaked out face thinking you are crazy and that the egg is going to break but it doesn't! And then they think you are faking it, so you pass it off to them and let them try! Haha that's fun to watch to! We had a father and son try it and the son was trying to break it over his dad haha it was great. But we know that those seemingly impossible tasks before us in life are possible if we have faith in Jesus Christ and we trust that whatever He asks of us, is possible! 
Just have Faith! 
welp! until next time! Have a grrreeaaatt week! 
Hasta luego!
love you all! Love Hermana Ficklin

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