Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Okay I need to say first off... MY FAMILY ROCKS. Thanks for that awesome package you sent me with five million cookie/brownie/muffin mixes so that we can make them for our investigators. My roomates sister Ballif and Sister Curtis say hi and they said that I have an awesome family. I said 'YA I do!' and thanks so much for all you do fam! I can feel the love here in Minnesota! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! That being said, the plan of salvation is the bomb. I'm happy to report that my family is gonna be stuck with me for eternity!! haha so thanks guys! LOVE YA!
Some fun stories this week!
So we've asked some of our investigators what their stories of personal conversion and trusting in the lord have been. What they told us had to do with floating across the river on a tire, helicopter chases, and starving in the desert. These people have a testimony. One of our investigators told us of how he was going to Texas with a group of men and they traveled through the desert and this is a very dangerous thing. I don't know how long they were there but they were dying of thirst, and he said he was just praying to God the whole time to get him through this because he needed to feed his family. well they made it to a cattle ranch and they found a trough full of water. the whole group dying of thirst just started drinking and just not caring if the water had bugs or parasites in it they were so thirsty. but our investigator said that he got the prompting by the holy ghost not to drink the water that way but to filter it, so he filled up his water bottle and put his shirt over the opening so that he wouldn't drink any of the bugs or parasites in this water. He said that after a half hour of walking after drinking everyone started getting sick and throwing up everywhere and it was really bad. But he was fine because he had filtered it. and he prayed all day and night thanking God that he had kept him safe and healthy. He also said that after that he knew that he was going to be alright, even when at night he could hear rattle snakes around them as they walked he was calm and knew the Lord was guiding him. and he ended up making it safely. 
The rest of the stories you'll have to ask me about later. (: But I know that these people know that Jesus Christ is truely there for us and that He loves us all.

So, since I didn't have the time to write a letter last week, I'll fill ya in this week. so... before I got here the sisters that we live with backed into our car and left a dent in it. That being said, we had to bring in the car to get that fixed and it was going to take three days they said. Which leaves us without a car. No prob. Because we have bikes! I'll leave two notes

1. It's November in Minnesota
2. Our spanish area we have covers 10 other areas. That does not deter the missionaries from riding bikes. because we are awesome.

The day was actually pretty warm as we headed out but I brought my big coat anyways because hey, it's november in Minnesota. So we ended up biking more than I've ever biked in my life. 
 Probably 30 miles. like 70 miles or so if we are going by how I felt by the end of the day.
  I ended up getting super hot in my big winter coat so I tied it around my neck like a cape because there was no where else to put it. I've got a super dorky picture of it don't worry.

And! the best part is a classic! the investigator that we biked all the way to go see called in and cancelled. I was going to cry. Actually I did a little bit (on the inside, real missionaries only cry in lessons and baptisms) haha so we went away that day with a lot of biking and not a lot of teaching. But I'm not telling you this because the day was terrible and I biked so much and this is the life of a missionary. I'm telling you because I got the opportunity to be diligent no matter what happens in my life. Whether it's me not being able to breathe after biking up hill after hill or day to day things that are small and simple.

I've realized that God is making me a better person through the hard stuff. First off, I am going to have killer thigh muscles. That's a blessing. Second, me and my companion bonded, never hurts to make your relationships stronger through the tough times. and Third, I'm learning to rely on God and truely learn to say I will do anything that you want me to do, I will literally get on my bike and ride all day with little success because that's what you need me to do to prepare me for something later. 

And let me tell you that is nothing compared to the trials others have. The missionaries in the Philippines are awesome. If you don't know about the typhoon in the Philippines, look it up. 

These last two weeks we have been hearing about the Typhoon there and we have parents with missionaries there and they hadn't been accounted for yet. we heard them bear their testimonies about how they know that whatever happens to their sons or daughters they will always rely on the Lord. What a strength to know that our Heavenly Father can get us through anything.

This last week we heard that all of the missionaries were accounted for and they are all well. God provides. Sister Ballif told us about an article from deseret news about some of the missionaries there and their trials and experiences (if you can find that and attatch it that would be great) So. what I want to say about this is see the bigger picture and thank God for your trials. They are a blessing in disguise and they make us stronger than we ever would have been without them. And also we need to realize that we all go through trials, though little to others, are big to us, and visa versa, and if we come to see that through all this we can be happy we are golden. There is nothing that can shake us from our rock! 

There is a Mormon message I want you to watch from Jeffrey R. Holland called the wrong road on (mom if you could do the honors of finding that and putting it on my blog. you are so great! love you!)

this is so awesome. So I've always had the question of why do I make wrong choices when I've felt it's right, or sometimes why do we make wrong choices and bad things happen when we are doing all we can to be good and do what's right? Jeffrey R. Holland is the best and this went straight to my heart and I want everyone to see this. 

It's all about trusting in God, no matter what happens. HE HAS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING. Really. Truely. I don't know how many times Heavenly Father has to get that through to me but He does. Everything is for me and my betterment, yup. even the bad stuff.

one of my favorite scriptures is Ether 12:27 which talks about how God gives us weaknesses to that we may have strength.

Ether 12:27
And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

No one got anywhere without failing or having weaknesses. Look at anyone great and achieved and you tell me anyone who hasn't failed or has no weaknesses. The only person that did that was Jesus Christ. So, obviously he knows how to do things right. So trust in him. 
That's my weekly experience/progressing personal conversion story/testimony. 
Everyone should go on a mission. it does wonders for bringing out the weaknesses in ya (: it's so great! There isn't anything God can't strengthen you in! 
Love you all! Love Hermana Ficklin

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