Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

 This is the abuela that is teaching me how to crochet! She crochets everything she wears.

I caught a squirrel!!! jk it was an investigators pet!

HEYYYYY everyone!

        so this week has been a good one! we have had a lot of great people to teach this week! So we had a member recently move into our ward who said that he had a room mate who wanted to know more about the gospel, so we have started teaching him this last week! It has been going great! What is even more great about it is that this member and his roomate have like 5 other room mates that live with them and I swear they always have someone new there with them everytime we go visit. so i really am not sure how many people live there... But! they all have joined in on our lessons when we come over and it's so awesome. We call them "the lost boys".  haha they are all from Mexico and they all do some kind of construction, like roofing or painting, and they are all loving the lessons! one of them really loved the law of chastity lesson we taught last time and he loves the pamphlets we have, he's always the first to grab them from us haha (guess which one that is in the picture) haha so I'm really excited to see what happens with this group! they are awesome! 

We had a district meeting and before the meeting we had a halloween lunch! we had glow in the dark witch fingers that we ate with haha it was great. gotta love the mish. Haha

So... I LOVE BEING HAPPY.  I don't know about the rest of you but being happy is the best. One thing that is the bomb about being on a mission is that you are 24/7 in the gospel. all the time. Which means you are constantly learning about nothing but the gospel! This morning I was just looking up in true to the faith about happiness because I was studying for a lesson on the plan of salvation for an investigator today.

Okay, Heavenly Father is the best. What a great guy He is that He made this whole world for us! He has made a plan for you, and me, and everyone here to just have the opportunity to be happy, and not just happy now or just happy temporally... no, its to be happy FOREVER. Just let that settle in your minds for a minute... He wants us to be happy. forever. And He hasn't left us here on earth without knowing how to be truely happy. because there is such thing as being fake happy. and you all know what I'm talking about. The empty happiness of having material things, or popularity,  or whatever it is. That is not true happiness. True happiness comes from knowing who you are. And from knowing that God knows who you are. And you become who you know you are. God wants us to be happy. He's set out a plan for us, He's given us the way to do it. 

He doesn't ask us to be perfect. He asks us to change. and to Act. One of the most important things we do, is act. Marjorie Pay Hinckley said something along the lines of "we can't till a field just by turning it over in our minds." We can't expect to be happy if we don't do anything to change.

So do it! Whether it be changing our perspective on life and then living the way God wants us to live, or quitting a job with bad influences, or just saying I love you to your parents can change a relationship for the better.

We all know how to live happy, we just have to get out there and live what we know.

Following what God not only asks us to do, but commands us to do, is all for our happiness. So follow it gosh dang it! haha I really do know that following the example of Jesus Christ in all things is the best way to go. 

So, read your scriptures, pray, go to church, serve one another, love your family, and all those simple church answers that you will come to find so important. 
As you do them, that is where you will find true happiness!!!  So be happy!!!
Love you guys!

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