Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

So, I only have a half an hour to write this week but hey, this week has been crazy awesome! The weather here is a nice sunny 14 degrees and our nose hairs are starting to freeze when we breathe in. so here in Minnesota Jack Frost bites your nose hairs. hahaha okay so I have to tell you this my companion is the best haha so we had just woke up and she asked me if i had any dreams and I said yea it was all about teaching lessons, I remember that I was teaching about the plan of salvation and for some reason I was holding a pan. She said it was the "pan" of salvation hahaha okay okay so here's another one of our treasured conversations we had this week. So we were in the car driving home and we somehow got on the conversation of Christmas and how we should get a leg lamp like on the Christmas story haha but Herm. Peterson was like "no! it's immodest!" so I said that we'll just put a skirt on it! haha okay it's alot funnier if you are a missionary haha im just imagining this modest leg lamp in our window and our jesus picture on our door. Yep, that's the missionaries!
So that's the fun stuff that's been going on this week, we laugh a lot haha there are so many great things about Hermana Peterson. We also have great sister roommates, Sister Toone and Sister Ballif! They are both awesome examples to me! Sister Toone has the voice of an angel and so she makes our morning songs so great. and Sister Ballif is super funny haha but at the same time super spiritual. You need both of those to be a missionary. I'm greatful for a lot of things this week. I'm grateful for my family for one. LOVE YOU GUYS! and I'm grateful to have this gospel. This week at church I had to bear my testimony in spanish in my ward of hispanics haha they are great I love them! Even though my spanish is still improving they are so supportive and so I'm greatful for my ward and I'm so grateful Heavenly Father sent me here to get to know and serve them! les quiero!! I'm greatful for this opportunity to serve a mission, because I am going to be a totally different person for the rest of my life. And it is definitely a life changing experience let me tell ya! and I'm only 4 months in! But I have seen more miracles here than I've ever seen in my life. One of them is seeing how true this church really is and how it changes lives. 

I dont have much time left BUT! I want to tell you about one of our investigators we are teaching. She is a single mom who is really searching for the truth in this world. and she wants to be able to give her daughter the answers to her questions when she grows up. We just taught her this week  about prophets and recieving personal revelation to know what is true in this life even though there is so much confusion. It was one of those "earthquake" lessons where the truth just shakes you to the core and the Holy Ghost is just so present that all you can feel is love and comfort. ya, it was one of those. We had the Elders over as well and Elder Buchanon told his conversion story and it was amazing! We then simply bore our testimonies of how we have all personally come to know that this church is true.
Missions are the best! It's a two way conversion. You learn just as much as you teach and everyday you find out how happy this gospel makes you and everyone around you.

                          THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! 
I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given me a great family, the opportunity to serve a mission, to have trials, and opposition, and to have the opportunity to learn and grow and love others! I am SO grateful for Jesus Christ and what he has done for us and how much he really really really really does love us!!!!! 
                             LOVE YOU ALLLLL!
                    HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 

                        LOVE HERMANA FICKLIN! <3

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