Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

We celebrated the birthday of Fransisco last night! He just turned 17! He reminds me alot of Taryn haha. This is the Arriaga family and they are members of our church and they are awesome! the daughters name is ashley and she is so funny! haha she was playing the chipmunk version of happy birthday and some mexican versions of happy birthday as well! haha it was great! we had pasole and tostadas and chocolate tres leches cake! mmm mmm and more mmm!  it was great! we taught a lesson about presents! the gift of the holy ghost! haha it was a great lesson! we are working on getting him to go on a mission (: 

sorry we didnt take a ton of pictures this week! haha not much has been going on. this is the highlight event (: but it was great!

               So it's been warming up I'm happy to say! woohoo! it's back up to the 30's (: I'm never complaining about Utah weather again. haha it was fun though! I can now say I braved a Minnesota winter at -40 degrees! These people up here are troopers. Well, we had church cancelled two weeks in a row, but yesterday we got to go to church! hallelujah! I love church. I love my ward!

 The last week when we didnt have church we ended up having our own little church service at the mission home with President and Sister Clements. We had a testimony meeting and it was the coolest thing ever! We had a bunch of missionaries from around the area in the living room of President and Sister Clements and we all just bore our testimonies on the work of our Heavenly Father and honestly I don't really remember much of what was said, except for cute Sister Clements told us about for Christmas how her daughter got her a salad bowl in the shape of a boat and said that as "flow" missionaries we have to stay afloat! and she showed us it and she filled it up with peanut m and m's (its her favorite candy) and I loved it! 
I bore my testimony about pocahontas and how the boat reminded me of her when she had to make the decision of what course to take on the river. haha yep. but it was so awesome! I remember most just the feeling we had in that living room. The Holy Ghost is the besssstttt! It was the feeling of family and it just gave me a great feeling of what Heaven feels like and I can't wait for that! 

We also  had our zone meeting this week and we talked a lot about prayer and how important prayer is in our lives, but more of an emphasis on our missions right now. Annnndd let me tell you I've gotten a greater testimony of prayer this week! So when we were in the meeting one of the Elders commented on that his testimony of prayer was strengthened with one of his companions and he now does it too. He said that when he was with this companion he did miracles and he wanted to know how his days were just filled with all of these blessings. he said that when he prayed he would pray and thank Heavenly Father for the miracles that they were going to see that day. He already expected miracles and he thanked Heavenly Father for the things that hadn't happened yet. That is a character of faith! 
So! I started doing that in my prayers, I started thanking Heavenly Father for the miracles that He was going to give us that day. Let me tell you this has been a testimony builder! We have seen miracles more than ever in our days and we have had a ton of blessings. Like for instance, it was a saturday and we only had two hours left in the day and we wanted to teach three more people the restoration to meet our goal for the week. but we already had a list of less actives that we'd never met that we were going to visit. We decided to go ahead and visit the less actives houses, and it was awesome because none of them lived at those addresses anymore! haha We didn't meet a single person that we intended on visiting and instead we found three new hispanic families that we taught the restoration to and now we have return appointments with them to teach them more! How awesome is that? 
And then we've had members call us and ask if they can come with us to lessons which is a huge blessing as well. We've also found investigators this week that have been super hard to get in contact with and  we ended up finding them and teaching them awesome lessons! Miracles all around! It's been so awesome and I know that prayer and faith play a huge part in that!
So I know that as we strengthen our prayers and our faith, we can see more miracles in our lives! 
So awesome. I love this gospel! 
Hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Hope you are staying warm! 
Love Hermana Ficklin

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