Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 I Braved Black Friday for a Package of Paper Plates!

sister pierce, me and megan

Esta Diciembre!!!

It is now officially December! Winter is setting in wonderfully here! on Saturday it was 40 degrees, which was absolutely wonderful, and the next day it was 16 Degrees, and today it's 2 Degrees (: my nose hairs almost started to freeze! ah, this brings back memories from last winter haha but I am happy to be here, things are going SO good in Austin!

My companion and I spent most of the morning in Jail today... translating for someone who doesn't speak English. Court is an interesting place to be. haha so that was our adventure this morning!

Thanksgiving was definitely memorable as well!! We went over to one of our members houses, the Connetts and there were a bunch of members there too and it was a blast eating turkey and talking with them!

Afterwards we planned to bring slices of pie to people around Austin, but... we didn't have any paper plates to put the pie on to give to people, so we had to go to the store... on black Friday... for paper plates.

haha that was an adventure and kind of humorous seeing all of the people in line with their shopping carts FULL of stuff, and all we had was a package of paper plates

haha the cashier joked with us about how it must be a great bargain right now for paper plates. So we got our paper plates and drove around town delivering slices of pie.

So you know, I've come to find that slicing and dishing up pie in a car is not easy.. but funny none the less (:

delivering pies to everyone (:

gave pie to the walmart girl

That night we decided to go and shovel one of our investigators driveway and sidewalk because we knew he was going to be out of town. Well when me and Sister Pierce and Megan showed up with our shovels, a company of people who shovels snow showed up at the same time (I guess he pays people to shovel his snow) hahaha it was so funnily awkward!!!

They looked super weirded out that we were there shoveling his walkway. One of the men said "can I ask you why you are shoveling this snow?" haha so we told  him we were his friends and that we are doing something nice for him. haha they thought that was the strangest thing...

we joked about it as we shoveled and I said we should have told them (in a western accent) "we're the new shovelers here ya see, and this town ain't big enough for the two of us!" but instead we just laughed about the situation to make it less awkward  because they were shoveling right beside us, and then we put pie on his doorstep and awkwardly said goodbye to the paid shovelers.
So that was fun!

This week it snowed a lot! and so we shoveled lots of driveways and played a little snow baseball on the side, with our windshield scraper which was fun (:

 it snowed like 2 feet, so we played baseball with it (:

So we're making good use of the cold weather here (: gotta find fun when it's 2 degrees outside!!

We've been having really great lessons this week with our investigators and it's just fun to see how great the gospel is especially when you get watch the difference it makes in a family. We are teaching a Hispanic family, consisting of three sisters and all of their kids (10 in all) and let me tell you the Family home evenings are a blast!!! the last time we had them dress up and we had them act out the story of Nephi getting the plates haha it was so much fun! It's just fun to see them learning and how the parents really like FHE as well.  It's making a difference in their family and they are growing closer and the parents can see that (:

FHE with the carlos family

The Doctor we are teaching is doing fantastic as well. We just got done teaching him about the doctrine of Christ and the role and importance of Prophets and he really loved it. We asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said, you know, I think I should! haha we thought that was awesome!  We are so excited for him!

I hope all of your Thanksgiving was great!!!
Love you all!
Until next time!! Love Sister Ficklin

sister pierce getting an African braid 

Sister Poll and lula, they are members from Micronesia

the Carlos Diaz family (:

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