Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 Transferred to Duluth, Minnesota!!!

the plan of salvation!!! had fun chalk drawing!

i did megans hair like mine haha

ooohhhh Canada!
Transfers came in today! bet you can't guess where I'm going this time... Haha ah man the Lord just loves to keep me guessing. So, I am leaving Austin, Minnesota, the furthest south area of my mission to Duluth, Minnesota which is the furthest north mission that the sisters can go. My new companion is going to be sister Noe. Oh! and I'm going to an english speaking area! There's never a dull moment in missionary life.

So this will be a grand new adventure again! I'm excited to see what it brings and what great blessings I'll  be able to see there!

I'll be sad to leave Austin and Sister Maravilla and all of the great people I've met here, and especially Tiffany and Tony because they are doing so awesome! They both came to a baptism this week and they came to church and Tony offered the opening prayer and commented the whole time in class. That may seem simple but you have no idea how cool it was to see! I can't wait to hear about their progress! 

Hermana Maravilla and I gave talks this week as well about missionary work and motivation and it was awesome! We are not a passive people! We are proactive!!! I wanted to share with you what we talked about but in my excitement to find out transfers, I left my notes at home. So stay tuned...
So I've got a long drive ahead of me on Wednesday, Road trip! It will probably take us all day I'm guessing. We'll let you know how it goes! 

I'll keep you updated! 
Sister Ficklin

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