Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 Askov, Minnesota

sister noe and i at a thrift store.

robins under our stairs (:

our font cake for jennies baptism- we put blue jello in the middle (:

jennie and chris (they are my favorite and they are getting married)

 (:   helicopter!


So we've had some great things happen this week! We got to have a baptism on my birthday!! woohoo! it was also Sister Noe's year mark so we had a lot of celebrating that day! And our investigator that got baptized is getting married to one of our members (The one who baptized her)! They are awesome! we love them. Our branch is amazing as well. There's nothing quite like being in a branch, you get to know everyone very well and they become your family, which is wonderful to feel!  We've had some great service opportunities this week from helping mow lawns in the rain, weeding in the rain, and making decorations for one of our members graduation parties (it was raining outside) haha it's been raining a lot. But it's given us some awesome opportunities to visit with people and to get to know them while we wait for the downpour to lighten up so we can run out to our car and not get soaked.

We had ground wheat pancake sunday (which was delicious, i ate it with home churned butter from a members farm (: loved it! ), which happens every 5th sundayand they talk about preparedness (such as with food storage) and spiritual preparedness as well. it was really a great sunday because we had two non members there that got to listen in and enjoy pancakes. You know I really just love missionary work. There's nothing like it really and I just realized that I could have been doing this all along before my mission. And I plan on being a missionary for the rest of my life even if I'm not wearing the name tag. There is a fullness of joy that Jesus talks about when you serve one another and I can testify to that! 

So I wanted to write a little bit about change.

Missions are full of change. For me I change a lot and I move from place to place and north and south, with new companions that have all types of different personalities, whether it be a Spanish ward in the cities or an English branch in a little dutch town, there is always change and there is always adaption. But I've come to realize that is what makes a mission wonderful! Change is what helps you refine yourself. It puts you in different circumstances and different challenges that give you a perspective of how you view life at all sorts of angles you never looked at before. 

I love the story of the Liahona in the Book of Mormon, it's helped me realize that the Lord is my compass and he guides me according to my faith and diligence

1 Nephi 16:28-29
"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the pointers which were in the ball, that they did work according to the faith and the diligence and heed which we did give unto them.
And there was also written upon them a new writing , which was plain to be read, which did give us understanding concerning the ways of the Lord, and it was written and changed from time to time, according to faith and diligence which we gave unto it.
And this we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things."

Change is not always what I want, but in the end I see why the Lord gives me change, to help me see His will in action and I get to enjoy the fruits of it! I've realized how to trust in the Lord and His will because in the end, I turn out better than I could have ever done if I were to choose for myself.

It's helped me understand the mind of our Heavenly Father.

I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father gives me challenges and that He gives me things that I don't want in life because I understand so much more the joys of life and the importance of it, as well as knowing that our Heavenly Father knows us so personally that He is willing to let us suffer a little so that we can  work through it and grow and become refined in our faith and trusting in the Lord.

3 Nephi 24:6
"For I am the Lord, I change not..."

I know one thing for sure that amidst all the change and tumult in the world, That our Heavenly Father never changes, and that is someone that I can trust.

Mormon 9:19
"And if there were miracles wrought then, why has god ceased to be a god of miracles and yet be and unchangeable being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles."

I know that our Heavenly Father is a God of miracles and I get to see that in my own life and in others lives daily and I am so grateful for that!

Never get down when you have change and challenge in your life because the Lord is making you into who He knows you are.

Love you all! I hope you all have an AWESOME 4TH OF JULY!  
         ---Land of the Free, Home of the Brave---
                   IN GOD WE TRUST

Love, Hermana Ficklin

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