Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 The Kettle River, a Cemetery, and a Farm in Askov

Kettle River (where we went 4th of july)

 sandstone cliffs

sandstone cemetery

our trusty steeds

 milking tootsie the cow at the nelsons

bailing hay

the little mermaid cafe, the only restaurant in town (:

Feliz cuatro de julio!!!!!!!!

So this week was TOTALLY AWESOME! 
We had so many good things happen this week. 

Our 4th of July was a blast, we decided to go out biking around the town and we had seen a really cool old cemetery so that was our first stop and we spent a good while just looking at all of the old tombstones and all the interesting names (one guy was named Alma Fyre) we thought it was fitting for the fourth of july, you know... remembering your forefathers and everything. haha we got rained on as we left of course, and then we biked to kettle river and man is it gorgeous up here! it's like you step into a tropical rainforest! except with poison ivy. 

it was so pretty though I couldnt get enough of it! Then we decided we'd better stop by and wish Nora and Hazel a happy 4th (our grandmas in the nursing home) and we sat and just listened to their stories and we shared pictures with them of our day so far and man, if i could i would just sit and listen to them alllll day. Nora has no filter and the things she says is so funny, and then Hazel, is so sweet and quiet that they even each other out. i cant remember if i told you about them last time but they've been best friends since elementary.

Then we had enough time after to go to one more park and we went to where the sandstone cliffs are (sandstone is the name of the area we live in right now) and again it was just beautiful and cool. and full of swarming mosquitos but that didnt bother us one bit!

and then we went home listening to the lamb of God watching the sunset and totally and happily exhausted from the fun day. ah man it was fun. that's been the funnest p day ive had so far on my mission (: I love this area up here it's so pretty.

Some other crazy fun things we got to do this week that I can check off my bucket list is we got to milk a cow with the nelson family for the first time ever! that was interesting haha and then we just got done bailing hay today with sister johnson. and then sister johnson took us out to the little mermaid cafe and had the best burger ever (: I can't wait to live on my own farm.

so those are the fun things that happened this week! As for the missionary work side of things it's been just as awesome as the fun I've had! We are really kicking it off in this area! we've found a lot of new investigators that really are excited and want to totally turn their lives around for themselves and their family and we are working right now on getting Jennies children ready for baptism! ah this work is so cool. I am really excited to see how this little branch grows. It might just be a ward soon! The Lord does miracles and I've definitely been able to see them! 

I really have just appreciated everything the gospel teaches so much more. I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life to lead a direct me and that I have to opportunity to share the happiness I have with others. It's really humbling and enriching to my life.

Well I hope that you all had a fabuloso 4th of July! 
Love you all!  until next time,
Love Hermana Ficklin

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