Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014 Your Influence Makes a Difference!

I found a car from Utah!!!

fifi one of our investigators haha shes so funny, her and her crazy clothes

zone service project in the cemetery

President’s fireside
Bennetta Robertson (getting baptized sept 27)
Nick Robertson (her husband who is awesome!)
Grace Simpson (a recent convert)
Sister Taito (my comp)

The joy of serving others

So we had a fun zone service this week where all of us missionaries put on our bright yellow helping hands shirts and went and leveled headstones and markers in a local cemetery!

an unusual service but, it was pretty ghoul. :P haha! We had a Presidents Fireside yesterday night as well and we got to hear some amazing testimonies, one of them being a convert from one of our members being in his karate class! Our examples really do make a difference, no matter what circumstance we may be in!

We are so excited, sister Robertson has everything set for her baptism September 27th. she told us she really enjoyed the Fireside! Her husband is not a member and just got here from New Jersey 2 weeks ago and he's been curious about the church his wife is getting baptized in, and so, so far he's come to a baptism, fireside, and he came to church this Sunday and really enjoys everything he hears when he listens to the messages shared. he loves the members already, he especially notices how close the married members are to their spouses. at the fireside he saw a member couple holding hands and laying her head on his shoulder and he pointed out that he liked that and grabbed sister Robertsons hand and told her to lay her head on his shoulder! haha what a wonderful sight! Sister Robertson was a little surprised. But she liked it.

I also want to tell you about a Sister we are teaching! From the first time we talked to this sister on the phone to the time we met her in person, we were excited about her. She explained to us the family trials she's had and her journey to find peace. She said that years ago the missionaries came and taught her a few times, but that she didn't think much of it because she had her own faith in the Presbyterian church and she said at that time in her life she wasn't ready for the missionaries so she stopped meeting with them. She'd been having marital and family problems so she was searching online how to help her unite her family and she came across the church's website and she really liked how family oriented it is, and she said that she had to find this church, so she found the churches number and called but no one answered or returned her call. 
A month went by and she hadn't heard back, but when she was in New Brighton she saw our church and she said to herself "that's the church!" and she decided to just go that Sunday. and she did! despite her fears of being unwelcome she went. It was a very Esther-like act and walked in unannounced determined with whatever outcome it might bring, she just had to know. she walked in on a fast Sundayand she just cried listening to the testimonies and she said she loved it and everyone was so welcoming! when we met with her she had already read the restoration pamphlet they gave her when she went to church and when we taught her the restoration she said that she prayed about Joseph Smith already and she knows its true and she asked when she could get baptized! We set a date for October 11th. 

The work of the Lord is hastening. Man, I love this gospel.
There is so much joy in service and missionary work!
"And from thence, whosoever I will shall go forth among all nations, and it shall be told them what they shall do; for I have a great work laid up in store, for Israel shall be saved, and I will lead them withersoever I will, and no power shall stay my hand."

I love you all! 
Sister Ficklin

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