Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 A Baptism!!

sis robertsons baptism!

grace me sis robertson sis taito and signs and wonder (one of the twins is hiding behind grace and me)

st paul temple
me sis abrahamsen and sis taito

our district

Sister Robertson is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints! I know you can share with us the joy that comes from watching someone you love walk through the gates that lead to the celestial kingdom. The longer I am out on my mission the deeper the symbolism gets and the more I come to deeply appreciate Jesus Christ. 

And the work isn't finished yet! Sister Joyce is hot on her heels! man, she is amazing. She has one of those testimonies that is grown through trial and tribulation and her heart is in the right place, she has already began to be a good friend to Sister Robertson and we hope that it will continue with the rest of the sisters in the ward. 

We had a lesson last night with two young Liberian sisters who have family opposition, yet their determination to make it to church is impressive. We taught them last night about the sabbath day and they told us that what they search for is peace and guidance and they have figured out a way to make it to church and not only that, but they want to bring 5 of their friends with them. talk about leadership, willingness, and determination! I know they will make it to church somehow, because I can feel the Lord is on their side.

Sister Taito and I got to witness a sealing of a couple of our ward. I've never gotten to witness a sealing before. Haha Sister Taito and I joking seriously about the fact that this will be us in two years. As we watched them look at each other across the alter with a light of hope and joy, who doesn't want that. As we drove home from the temple, happy to feel that feeling the temple leaves with you, man I've missed that so much, It's been almost a year since I've been able to go to the temple. I realize how much I want this, I want to go home to our Heavenly Father, and I can't go there without bringing as many people with me as I can. I really am beginning to see the vision and wisdom our Father has for us. What an amazing journey we have that doesn't start or end with our mission.

My mom will send me a talk with a paper full of quotes about once every two weeks. She is an inspired woman I tell you!
she sent this quote to me this last week:
"You enter the MTC to prepare you for your mission, but the mission is the MTC in preparation for the rest of your life." I never heard a truer statement!
Selfless missionary work brings a joy that you've never been able to feel before.
I recently watched a documentary on the Life of President Thomas S. Monson. wow, talk about a man of charity and devotion to God. He was a bishop at 22! and he cared for more than 80 widows.Not only that but he was called to be a mission president soon after and raised a family at the same time. As they recounted some of the service he offered to the ward, I was just amazed and I thought about, what would it be like if I were called to be a bishop at 22? How would I deal with caring for a family and trying to take care of an entire mission. What a selfless person you would have to be, and a true love for the Lord. 
I really respect and love Thomas S. Monson for his love, example, service and obedience. He truly is a Prophet of God. And I love him for it!
Continue on searching for ways to serve those around you, to be the angel and the missionary to others who are in need of your aid. 
I love you all! 
Sister Ficklin

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