Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 Answers to Prayers

This week we have had an abundance of miracles in finding new people. We put in our efforts and listened to what the Lord wanted us to do (I'm trying to be more aware of what He says to me) and we have seen how when we do what He asks, and we are obedient and diligent, He trusts us, and in return we trust Him. 
I sometimes feel like the twelve apostles getting chastised by Jesus when they don't understand a parable that is so plain and simple, and you should already know it, but I still feel like it's a constant reminder that we need to have a spiritual outlook rather than our natural eye. I don't think that chastisement will ever end in my lifetime ha ha and I hope that it doesn't to because it helps me to be molded, but I do hope however that I continue to progress in learning rather than fall back into old ways. Life is all about progression.

So I want to tell you about sister Robertson, who the sisters were teaching before and moved to New Jersey and now has just returned and wow she is amazing! We asked her to pray about baptism September 27th and she had and said that it was something that she wanted to do, we then went through the baptismal questions with her and she answered them all honestly. What was most important to us though was that she was going to be baptized because she wanted to, not because we wanted her to or because anyone else wanted her to. She looked at us and said, let me tell you something, I know that I am getting baptized because I know that's what the Lord wants me to do and I know that it is something that I am supposed to do.
She went on to tell us that when she was young in Africa during the war she was separated from her family and spend most of her childhood in a refugee home. She told us that the Elders used to come there and teach her about the gospel and they were so kind to her. She also spoke about how there was a senior couple who had grown fond of her and wanted to take her with them, but soon they left and she didn't know what happened to them after that. She said that she knew the Lord was there for her.
So years later when she was an adult she decided to come here to Minnesota and when she moved in, lo and behold, missionaries knock on her door and they are from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. she let them right in because she knew that they were sent from God. She said that she knew the church is true and that is why she is getting baptized. So then and there we knew she was in it for the right reasons.
The church is true no matter where you are. And we make a difference in others lives even if we may never see it.

We have also met many new investigators the past couple weeks who also have been astonished at us being at their door and asking us to come in and explaining that they had prayed that if they got a job they would start going to church again and they got a job and then we showed up -- or another who said that she felt like she needed to learn the gospel and had a dream that someone would come to teach her about the gospel and then we showed up.
I share these with you because I am constantly being reminded that God answers prayers and we as missionaries get to be in the front row seat in witnessing that God truly loves all of His children and hears them, and we get to be part of it! It's one of the most humbling and wonderful experiences I'll have to opportunity of witnessing on my mission. And we get to help these brothers and sisters find the truth! How lucky are we! 

I know that the Lord loves us. And this area is full of Heavenly Father's children just waiting to hear the gospel and we just pray that we will be worthy enough to be His servants in finding them.
There are those searching for truth all around us. You don't have to be in Minnesota to have the experiences we've had. You become the answer to someone’s prayers when you live like Jesus Christ, live worthily so that you are in tune with what the Spirit guides you to do, and you serve those around you. Be diligent my brothers and sisters, be obedient in your life so that you may bless the lives of others and partake in the joy that has no bounds. 

There is a fulfillment in life when we go outside of ourselves for the service of others. 

Love everyone around you, do not be quick to judge, be meek and gentle and kind, and be bold, my friends. There is no greater love than sacrificing comfort for truth. If we all learned to do this the world would be a different place than we see it now.
I love you all! And that love keeps growing!

Love sister Ficklin

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